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Centre for Africana Studies

Message from the Director

A hearty welcome to the Kwabena Nketia Centre for Africana Studies at AUCC! The KNCAS is an interdisciplinary institution dedicated to the study and advancement of knowledge about the peoples and cultures of Africa and the African Diaspora, through scholarly research, teaching and publications that are aimed at the regeneration of African peoples and societies.

The motto of AUCC is "Discover yourself from here," and, appropriately, the foundational tools for this self-discovery are found in the Africana Studies courses that are offered by the Kwabena Nketia Centre for Africana Studies.

These courses are designed to effectively enable students to discover who they are so that they can confidently go out to pursue their future careers.

Students are encouraged to take Africana Studies courses that will create and deepen an awareness of themselves as Africans and contribute to the future of Africa.

Our students learn to examine the world around them, communicate what they know, and persuade others to their point of view. By their fourth year, our students are prepared for a variety of careers not limited to public relations, broadcast media, government, marketing, sales, social media, law, health, academia. Graduates from AUCC are hailed both locally and globally for their creative excellence in their various field of endeavour.

The African University College of Communications also has a top notch business school, Sam Jonah School of Business, to give you the best foundation and knowledge making you competitive in today's business and entrepreneur world.

Ensure that you have read about the various tracks below and make your enrolment decision with sureness and passion. Connect with us online or in person, visit our campus or see the steps below to apply.

Mission Statement

The aim of the Centre for Africana Studies at African University College of Communications is to serve as the foundation of the University's commitment to ensuring that its overall mission is African centered.

Through course offerings, seminars, exchange programmes, conferences, research, and publications, the Centre for Africana Studies is designed to provide its students in particular, and the African World community in general, with the requisite knowledge and training necessary to contribute to the rejuvenation of African society.

Prof. Kofi Asare Opoku
Prof. Kofi Asare OpokuAg. Director

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