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Posted on Tuesday 15th of September 2020


The acting Registrar of African University College of Communications (AUCC) and Executive Member of the Ghana Psychology Association (GPA), Dr. Richmond Acquah-Coleman has called for a total scrap of the medical examination fees for rape victims. He explained that the cost of medical examination which ranges between 300 and 800cedis deters victims from reporting their ordeal to the law enforcement agency. He said, “Not all victims of sexual-related violence have the financial muscle to take care of the cost involved”.

Dr. Coleman was speaking on the occasion of World Suicide Awareness Day on Sunrise on 3Fm, an Accra based radio station on Thursday, September 10, 2020.  He condemned the assertion by a section of society that rape victims also enjoy the act. “That is a scientifically incorrect argument which seeks to make a mockery of sexual and gender-related violence victims” he stated.

He revealed that the depression, anxiety and other emotional trauma that victims go through are risk factors for suicidal ideation and self-harm behaviours. He advocated for more support from society for people who have been abused for them to regain a positive outlook of the world.

This year’s World Suicide Awareness Day was under the theme “Working Together to Prevent Suicide”. Ghana’s damning suicide statistics show that 1 in 10 adults in rural communities thinks about taking their own lives and 2 out of 10 Senior High School students report attempting suicide during the past 12 months.