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Posted on Thursday 19th of December 2019

AUCC Alumni Success story--Portia Solomon

“It is always a humbling and exciting experience to have your work recognized; it tells you that people are always watching what you do.” Said Portia Gabor about her G.J.A award in 2018.

Portia Gabor, a journalist and news reporter for TV3 has continued to reach great heights in her career and has won the heart of Ghanaians by going to great lengths to uncover and report news of social concern.

“Dangerous Highways”, a documentary that delves deeply into the issues of road safety is one such reports. “I was driving on the N1highway and found a body on the ground. It was a mother who was hit by a car while crossing the highway. The reaction on her daughter’s face as she watched the lifeless body of her mother just broke my heart.... I decided to do something about the situation to make the highway safer for both drivers and pedestrians”.

This she said was the reason behind making the documentary. Even amazing reporters have challenges. “....striking a balance between motherhood, my professional and educational career”. However she said that, with the support of her family, she is able to overcome these challenges. “I think journalism is a calling and you need to have passion and give your all while pursing this profession.”

As a former student of African University College of Communications (A.U.C.C), she advice students to reach higher and strive to make the world a better place. She also encouraged them to make a conscious effort to forget current recognition's and work towards future ones.

“I will like to encourage students to be better than me and excel in their chosen field she said.”