Ama Ata Aidoo Centre for Creative Writing


You are our reason for being here. Your future and your success is our only focus.

We know you want more and we help you achieve that with faculty members who care about your academic growth. Our size means we are able to provide individual attention to you, ensuring your success.

But this journey only begins with you. Your dedication and commitment to being more and discovering yourself. And by going on that journey, you will truly find your raison d’etre.

Our academic approach has something for everyone. We also offer a strong liberal arts and Africana studies focus in all our programmes. Our courses are vetted by leading industry experts, ensuring that we are offering the cutting edge classes needed for your success. Our approach also includes an education that stresses the importance of entrepreneurship. Because when you discover your passion, no one should stand in your way.

So call us, and start your academic journey of discovery with us.