Message from the Director

A hearty welcome to the Kwabena Nketia Centre for Africana Studies at AUCC! The KNCAS is an interdisciplinary institution dedicated to the study and advancement of knowledge about the peoples and cultures of Africa and the African Diaspora, through scholarly research, teaching and publications that are aimed at the regeneration of African peoples and societies.

The motto of AUCC is "Discover yourself from here," and, appropriately, the foundational tools for this self-discovery are found in the Africana Studies courses that are offered by the Kwabena Nketia Centre for Africana Studies.

These courses are designed to effectively enable students to discover who they are so that they can confidently go out to pursue their future careers.

Students are encouraged to take Africana Studies courses that will create and deepen an awareness of themselves as Africans and contribute to the future of Africa.

The aim of the Centre for Africana Studies at African University College of Communications is to serve as the foundation of the University's commitment to ensuring that its overall mission is African centered.

Through course offerings, seminars, exchange programmes, conferences, research, and publications, the Centre for Africana Studies is designed to provide its students in particular, and the African World community in general, with the requisite knowledge and training necessary to contribute to the rejuvenation of African society.

Below is a list of the courses, interdisciplinary in subject and methodology, courses which are offered at the Centre for Africana Studies:

  • Introduction to Africana Studies
  • Survey of African History
  • Introduction to Pan-Africanism
  • African Cultural Institutions
  • African Religions
  • African Diasporan Studies
  • African Women and Development
  • Contemporary African Political Economy
  • Issues in African Rural and Urban Development
  • Special Topics in Africana Studies
  • Advanced Seminar in Africana Studies
  • Senior Thesis in Africana Studies
  • Exchange Programmes

The Centre for Africana Studies, in cooperation with the Office of International Affairs, will provide opportunities for students and faculty to benefit from a variety of exchange programs centered around the development and promotion of African Studies. In effect, the Centre for Africana Studies will invite students and faculty from abroad to learn and teach at the Centre and, conversely, students and faculty from AUCC will be sent from the Centre to learn and teach abroad. The link between the University of the Bahamas and AUCC is one example.

The Centre conducts a series of periodic seminars at AUCC on a wide variety of critical issues related to Africa and World Affairs.

These seminars will make use of AUCC'S own experts along with other experts in the field of African studies who are either living in Ghana or on visit. The seminars will be designed to educate faculty and students at AUCC and the public-at large. Furthermore, semi-annual conferences on a wide variety of critical issues pertaining to Africana Studies will be organized at AUCC. These conferences will be international in focus, with contributors and participants invited from around the world.

The Centre for Africana Studies serves as a major repository of research into African Studies and African Media. Its staff will engage in its own research, and the Centre itself will arrange for the university-wide promotion and development of research into Africana Studies and African Media for the benefit of the AUCC in particular and the world at-large.

Furthermore, the Centre will seek to publish a variety of research findings, including the proceedings of some of its seminars and conferences held. It will undertake the publication of the Nkrumaist Review, which will serve as a catalyst for the development of research and writing, both literary and scholarly, on critical issues effecting Africa and the African World.